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 We provide a complete range of management, maintenance, and leasing. 

Business Meeting
Management/Ownership Information

Owners are provided with accurate, timely easy-to-read monthly and year-to-date accounting reports of cash receipts and disbursements. Budgets, lease expiration, vacancy projections and delinquency reports can be provided. 

Receiving the Keys


RRES, LLC advertises in the most effective media, shows available units to prospective tenants and makes every effort to rent to financially responsible tenants who:

  • Have good credit payment histories

  • Do not damage the property

  • Respect the rights of fellow tenants


  • Qualified maintenance personnel are available around the clock every day to handle emergencies. Maintenance will always be handled in the most efficient, cost-conscious manner possible.

  • Our hourly rates are FAR less than what you pay when you call independent contractors. Non-emergency maintenance is scheduled to minimize cost and travel time. Regular periodic inspections and maintenance can be performed in order to extend the useful life of appliances as much as possible.

  • Parts and supplies are purchased in quantity at wholesale prices whenever possible. Many parts are kept in inventory in order to speed up repairs and make them more economical. 

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